October 20, 2019

The teenagers so addicted to cellphones they're going to detox centers

Seoul (CNN)It was 4 a.m. when 16-year-old Yoo Chae-rin realized she had been on her phone for 13 hours. In less than three hours, she had to be up for school.

The South Korean high school student knew she had a problem, so she enrolled in a government-run camp for teenagers who can't put their phones down.

"Even when I knew in my head I should stop using my smartphone, I just kept going, Yoo said. "I couldn't stop, so I'd be on it until dawn."

South Korea has one of the highest ownership of smartphones in the world. More than 98% of South Korean teens used one in 2018, according to government figures -- and many are showing signs of addiction.

Last year, around 30% of South Korean children aged 10 to 19 were classed as "overdependent" on their phones, according to the Ministry of Science and Information and Communications Technology (MSIT). That means they experienced "serious consequences" due to their smartphone use, including a decline in self-control.

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October 4, 2019

Addicted to Fortnite? Montreal law firm says video game company should pay up

(CBC News) A Montreal legal firm has requested authorization to launch a class-action lawsuit against the widely popular video game Fortnite.

The legal notice, filed on behalf of the parents of two minors, aged 10 and 15, likens the effect of the game to cocaine, saying it releases the chemical dopamine to the brain of vulnerable young people who can become dependent on playing.

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October 4, 2019

Quebec parents seek class action against makers of addictive Fortnite game

(CityNews) Two Quebec parents are seeking the right to launch a class-action lawsuit against the makers of the popular video game Fortnite, alleging it was purposely made highly addictive and has had a lasting impact on their children.

Montreal-based Calex Legal is seeking to sue Epic Games Inc., the U.S. company behind the popular online multiplayer game, as well as its Canadian affiliate based in British Columbia.

The firm filed a request Thursday on behalf of two parents who approached them separately alleging their sons, aged 10 and 15, have become dependent on the game in short order.

Their case likens the addiction to a drug addiction, noting that the World Health Organization made a decision last year to declare video game addiction, or “gaming disorder,” a disease.

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September 26, 2019

Facebook is rolling out a test to hide your likes

New York (CNN Business)For the past decade, "likes" have been the chief currency of Facebook. It is the way we have determined how many people think our babies are cute, believe our jokes are funny and recognize our new jobs are impressive.

Facebook (FB) itself has been so synonymous with likes that the thumbs up icon for the like button was placed on the sign outside the company's headquarters. Now, Facebook is rethinking this feature as part of a broader effort to make the social network less stressful to use.

On Thursday, the company said it will begin a test to hide the number of likes, reactions and video views from posts in Australia. The author of the post will still be able to see those metrics, but other users will not.

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September 20, 2019

احتال عليها على "إنستغرام": "بدي شوفك بتختك"

حتى حساباتكم على "إنستغرام" لم تعد آمنة، فهي إن لم تتعرّض للقرصنة أو للسرقة ستكون محطّ استغلال وتجارة بالنفوس والأجساد.

وقعت إحدى الفتيات الناشطات على "إنستغرام" ضحيّةَ هذا الإستغلال، الذي نقلته لموقع mtv، رافعةً الصوت حيال جهات تُنشئ حسابات خادعة على هذا التطبيق لأهداف ومآرب مشبوهة. وفي التفاصيل...

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September 19, 2019

Call of Duty gamer solicited a fatal swatting call. He was sentenced to 15 months in prison

A technology that is easy to use is causing problems for police as people are calling in bogus emergencies from real phone numbers that are difficult to trace. The practice is called 'swatting' and its implications are dangerous.

A 19 year old gamer who planned a hoax 911 call that resulted in the death of a Kansas man was sentenced to 15 months in prison last week.

The gamer had pleaded guilty to conspiracy in a case of "swatting," the practice of making false 911 calls to force police to respond with SWAT teams, after Wichita police fatally shot Andrew Finch in December 2017.

The ruling comes after a federal judge in March sentenced fellow defendant Tyler Barriss to 20 years in prison. Viner had recruited Barriss to "swat" another gamer after getting into an argument while playing "Call of Duty: WWII," authorities said. The other gamer knowingly gave an old address, leading Barriss to falsely report a shooting and kidnapping at Finch residence.

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September 5, 2019

Facebook confirms millions of phone numbers exposed

The company said it was investigating who had compiled the database and left it online unprotected. It includes telephone numbers for about 18 million Facebook members in the UK.

The UK's Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) said it had referred the matter to its Irish equivalent - the IDPC - which is the supervisory authority for Facebook in the EU.

The database of telephone numbers and Facebook IDs was discovered on an unprotected web server and was not password protected.

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September 17, 2019

"Videocall" and "screenshots" are intimate to her ... threatening and blackmail for 150 thousand dollars

Issued by the Directorate General of Internal Security Forces - Public Relations Division

A complaint was filed with the Office of Combating Cybercrime and Intellectual Property Protection in the Judicial Police Unit, filed by a female citizen of the competent judiciary against a person (born 1964, Lebanese) for extortion and threatening to post pictures on social media.

The plaintiff stated that he was communicating with her via videocall on the WhatsApp application, and he kept intimate screenshots of her, and he immediately blackmailed her and threatened to publish his own data on social media if she did not send him $ 150. thousand us dollars.

Through investigations and technical investigations carried out by the elements of this office, they were able to locate him and arrest him in Beirut.

Under interrogation, he confessed to what was attributed to him, and the phone containing the intimate photos of the plaintiff was seized. The competent judiciary has been deposited, upon his reference.

September 12, 2019

Gambling and gaming: Loot boxes should be banned

(BBC) A new report is calling for a ban on the sale of video game loot boxes to children.

The Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee (DMCS) says big gaming companies have a duty to protect players, in particular children, from spending money on virtual items like loot boxes, as well as the potentially harmful effects of playing video games for long periods of time.

Head of the group Damian Collins says: "Loot boxes are particularly lucrative [meaning they make a lot of money] for games companies but come at a high cost, particularly for problem gamblers, while exposing children to potential harm."

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April 29, 2019

Minecraft player loses five-year-long game

A man who has been playing a single continuous game of Minecraft for the past five years says he is devastated to have been finally "killed". Phil Watson, 31, of Newcastle, had been playing in the most difficult Hardcore mode, which means his character cannot be brought back to life.

Having walked 6,316km, flown 7,798km and jumped 732,389 times, he had got "a bit full of myself" and been startled by a zombie baby and eaten by a spider.

He says the five-year game is a record.

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August 28, 2019

A source of distraction and fatal accidents

(Lebanon Files) How to avoid many fatal traffic accidents?
There is no doubt that each of us holds his heart in his hand when looking in the mirror of his car and find the driver of the car behind him uses a cell phone and follow the messages through the means of communication and look in front of him from time to time.
A lot of traffic accidents caused by distraction source , according to reports of internal security forces , reports, and this incident on the road to the north was caused by a source of distraction and means of communication ...
The commitment to public safety is a culture and conviction before the penalty law, and thus can be avoided significant risks if you stick to Citizens have the concepts and values ​​of leadership for their own safety and that of others.

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August 5, 2019

Trump Suggests Video Games Connected To Violence. Research Does not Support That

(Forbes) Topline: President Trump suggested video games are among the factors driving people to commit mass shootings, like the ones in Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas, this weekend — but research shows that connections between the two are practically non-existent.

In a public address Monday morning, Trump said, “We must stop the glorification of violence in our society. This includes the gruesome and grisly video games that are now commonplace."

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August 5, 2019

Politicians suggest video games are to blame for the El Paso shooting. It is an old claim that is not backed by research

(The Washington Post) Hours after a mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio, brought the weekend death total to 29, following a Saturday massacre in El Paso, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) offered his take on what helped fuel the latest round of unspeakable violence: Video games that “dehumanize individuals.”

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July 21, 2019

Man rapes girl in UAE after luring her online, jailed

(Khaleej Times) In the first court case involving rape of a teenage girl, the Abu Dhabi Criminal Court of First Instance sentenced the rapist from a GCC nation to 15 years in jail. It also handed a one-year jail sentence to the brother of the victim for badly beating up the assaulter after his sister told the family about the rape. The teenage girl had met the man on social media and the pair began dating. The online conman made the girl believe that he was well off and also promised to marry her. On the day of the incident, he phoned the victim, who was attending a family wedding, and asked her to meet him for five minutes outside the wedding hall.

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July 15, 2019

Social media, but not video games, linked to depression in teens, according to Montreal study

(CBC) Screen time — and social media in particular — is linked to an increase in depressive symptoms in teenagers, according to a new study by researchers at Montreal's Sainte-Justine Hospital.

The research team, led by Patricia Conrod, investigated the relationship between depression and exposure to different forms of screen time in adolescents over a four-year period.

"What we found over and over was that the effects of social media were much larger than any of the other effects for the other types of digital screen time," said Conrod, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Montreal.

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June 19, 2019

NOT PLAYING AROUND - I did not eat, I stayed in my dark room and did not move for 32 hours: inside a gaming addiction center where people hooked on Fortnite and other games get help

(The Sun) Things got so bad he split up from his girlfriend and ended up dropping out of university in a spiral of depression.

James had first been introduced to games on the Sega Genesis and Nintendo 64 as a five-year-old.

However his gaming hobby soon became an unhealthy obsession as he got hooked on games such as Call of Duty and FIFA in his teens.

It was when he moved to Swansea university his gaming started to take over his life.

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May 9, 2019

In china, surgeons are treating addiction with brain implants

(Futurism) Deep brain stimulation (DBS), an experimental technology that involves implanting a pacemaker-like device in a patient’s brain to send electrical impulses, is a hotly debated subject in the field of medicine. It’s an inherently risky procedure and the exact effects on the human brain aren’t yet fully understood.

But some practitioners believe it could be a way to alleviate the symptoms of depression or even help treat Alzheimer’s — and now they suspect it could help with drug addiction as well.
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April 6, 2019

Prince Harry says video game Fortnite is irresponsible and should be banned

(CNBC) Prince Harry is not a dad yet — he and Meghan Markle are expecting their first child this spring — in but it already sounds like he might put a limit on how much time his future children spend playing video games.

The Duke of Sussex is not a fan of the massively popular online game Fortnite, with the British royal going as far as to call for a ban of the game at an event at a West London YMCA on Thursday.

"That game should not be allowed. Where is the benefit of having it in your household?" Prince Harry told reporters at the event, according to the BBC. Prince Harry added that he thinks Fortnite is too addictive, especially for young players.

"It is created to addict, an addiction to keep you in front of a computer for as long as possible," the prince said Thursday. "It is so irresponsible."

The free-to-play Fortnite, made by video game company Epic Games, is a multi-player, "battle royale" survival game pitting 100 players against each other at a time. The players look for weapons and tools to try and build structures while killing each other in an effort to be the last person standing.

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May 1, 2019

This is Your Child Brain on Video Games

(Psychology Today) Video Games leave kids revved up, stressed out and primed for a meltdown.

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February 25, 2019

A mom found videos on YouTube Kids that gave children instructions for suicide

(CNN)Most parents feel pretty safe letting their children watch YouTube Kids, the child-friendly version of the video platform.

But disturbing videos recently found by some moms show the social media site may not be safe for kids at all.

A Florida mother said she has found clips on YouTube and YouTube Kids that gave children instructions on how to kill themselves.

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February 16, 2019

Irish people spend on average two hours on social media every single day, new research reveals

New research has revealed our online addiction is stronger than ever, with Facebook (37 per cent), Whatsapp (17 per cent) and YouTube (10 per cent) the biggest time-suckers.

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February 9, 2019

Smartphones, Tablets Causing Mental Health Issues In Kids As Young As Two

Children as young as two are developing mental health problems because of smartphones and tablets, scientists warn.

Just an hour a day staring at a screen can be enough to make children more likely to be anxious or depressed.

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January 28, 2019

More screen time for toddlers is tied to poorer development a few years later, study says

Among toddlers, spending a lot of time staring at screens is linked with poorer performance on developmental screening tests later in childhood, according to a new study.

The study,published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics on Monday, found a direct association between screen time at ages 2 and 3 and development at 3 and 5.

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August 4, 2018

We Now Spend One Day a Week Online

According to a study that was recently conducted in the UK, the average person is online a whopping 24 hours a week. The survey, which observed the impact of smartphones on our everyday lives, noted that we now spend twice as long on the web as we did 10 years ago.

Even more interestingly, one in five adults spends up to 40 hours per week browsing the internet – or almost two days out of every seven.

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August 13, 2018

Social media use may harm mental health of teens by disrupting positive activities, study says

(CNN) Social media use has been linked to depression, especially in teenage girls. But a new study argues that the issue may be more complex than experts think.

The research, published Tuesday in the journal The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health, involved interviews with almost 10,000 children between the ages of 13 and 16 in England. The researchers found that social media may harm the mental health of girls by increasing their exposure to bullying and reducing their sleep and physical exercise.

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